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SERVICES - Yes We Can Fix It

All Tune Ups Include

FULL SERVICE TUNE UP Starting at $49.99 

- Full Bike frame deep clean + drivetrain degrease

- Wheel truing/alignment

- Inspect, adjust and index gears

- Full assessment of braking system including hydraulic systems. Check - Brake cable function, lever adjustment and rim alignment 

- Test and Adjust head set, bottom bracket and hub bearing systems.

- Adjust & check for appropriate tension: Cranksets, wheels, pedals, stems & handle bars

`Seat post & saddle

- Lubricate chain and key drivetrain components. 

- Tighten all accessories & add-ons; i.e Fenders, Carriers, Kickstands, bottle holders etc. 

-Check and inflate tires to proper pressure.



May 25th, 2022


NO APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY. Just bring your bike in and it will be assessed at the shop instantly. Assessments are FREE and you will be provided with an estimated cost. We update the service and tune up wait times daily and they are subject to change. Rest assured the wait times are projected to increase substantially. DO NOT WAIT! We want you out riding as soon as possible!



29.99+hst - Flat Rate - Anywhere in the GTA

Fast and Secure bike delivery service. Any bike purchased at the bike place can be delivered to your home at your convenience.

  - Bike delivery can also be scheduled after a tune up or any bike service.

*We only offer bicycle delivery for bicycle purchases, completed bike tune ups/service. We do not have a pick up option all bikes must be brought to the shop for an in person assessment. 

Bike Delivery and Drop Off

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