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Terms Of Service


Our policy of shipping within 1-2 business days (during weekdays) applies to orders made prior to 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Delays may occur if deliveries are backlogged with orders and shipments during our “high order” season, or, if there are severe weather conditions. COVID policies implemented by the provincial government are followed rigorously and are integrated into the companies policies within 24hrs of their announcement. We follow regulations very closely 7 days a week. Delays in shipping any product or order rarely occur and The Bike Place does everything in their power to ensure that customers receive their packages as quickly as possible and on time! Thank You and we are here to help in any capacity that we can.


Thebikeplace and its parties are not liable or responsible for any damages caused by the equipment or misuse. Please enjoy your chosen activity responsibly, and seek consultation from a general health practitioner to determine your level of fitness. Get the proper training, make sure you are in good physical condition and are correctly equipped. Some or all of the activities for which we sell equipment, apparel and footwear can pose a significant risk to your well being. Thebikeplace does not assume any responsibility for actions resulting from or associated in any way with purchases of any products on our site. By using our site, and through your purchase, you acknowledge and attest that you understand these risks and that you take full responsibility for your own actions including but not limited to; injury to self, damage to property, damage to purchased equipment, injury to others, or death.
Final Message From All At Thebikeplace: 
Stay Safe, Stay Strong. Train to stay healthy and to keep your muscular system and general immune system strong. Help those in need when you can and remember we will come out of this stronger. We‘re happy to help.

Disclaimer & Covid Update
Update May 22nd, 2022

In-Store shopping is open, with no current restrictions. All services available, please call ahead if you have any questions and/or queries. Thank you.

Limit of 6 customers in the store at any given time. This has been implemented to not only maintain Social distancing but for everyone's safety. The shop is open to everyone, we just ask that  Follow all signage and everyone bringing in a bike or browsing be mindful  of the space and laneway in the shop. Markings on the floor and entrance are there to help and act as guides. Masks are provided at the entrance at no charge. We encourage that all entering do sanitize their hands thoroughly with 2 different sanitizing options at entrance and at the  checkout counter. We are closely monitoring all federal and provincial guidelines and continue to implement any safety measures needed to keep our customers and the community safe! 

Hope to see you soon!

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